Escrowed PEG (esPEG) vests into PEG over a 90-day period and is offered as a reward to players who accumulate Degen Points.

Alternatively, esPEG can be locked with wETH in an LP position on Balancer. This position fully unlocks after 45 days instead.

A variable proportion of the total PEG supply is being distributed for each biweekly Epoch of the Degens of the Week campaign in the form of esPEG following a point-based system based on how many Degen Points a player holds in relationship to the total pool of Degen Points.

For example, if a user holds 100 Degen Points in a pool of 1000 Degen Points, he will receive 10% of the total esPEG being distributed at the end of that specific Epoch. If the total amount of esPEG being rewarded for that specific Epoch is 150,000, the user will be entitled to claim 15,000 esPEG.

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