About Pepe's Game

Welcome to Pepe’s Game, a cross-chain platform that gamifies options trading. Its intuitive design allows novices and experts alike to experience the thrill of trading in one single click. Beyond its innovative gaming interface, the platform strategically channels its revenue into select DeFi narratives. The platform is currently available on Arbitrum and Base.

In the world of trading, few things are as thrilling as placing a trade and waiting for the outcome. However, for most new traders, this excitement comes at a high cost, with odds of success as low as 10%.

In contrast, Pepe's Game offers an immersive experience of the trade, with simplified mechanics and even odds of success. Pepe's Game removes the complexity often associated with traditional trading, leaving behind only the excitement and anticipation of the result.

The following sections will detail the mechanics and tokenomics of Pepe's Game, as well as the roadmap and future plans.

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