Pepe's Game has a comprehensive roadmap for the continued development of the game and the Pepe Nation ecosystem.

Q3 2023 introduces a range of exciting features to enhance your gaming experience in Pepe's Game.

  • Counter Pepe: Take control by becoming Pepe's counterparty, allowing you to adjust the game's parameters.

  • Autospin: Streamline gameplay with automated spins for convenience and time-saving.

  • Multi-view: Engage across multiple slots simultaneously, creating an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

  • In-game shop: Exchange Pepe's Pills for various items to enhance gameplay, including daily streak freezes and trade time extensions.

  • Plutus Autocompounder: Implement dynamic yield strategies for maximum $PLS accumulation with just one click.

  • Pepe's Vaults: Unlock a range of investment opportunities and yield-generating strategies from select protocols.

  • Jackpot: Experience an adrenaline rush with outstanding rewards for the luckiest degens.

  • In-game notifications & Mobile push notifications: Stay connected and informed with real-time updates.

  • Dashboard: Access a comprehensive hub for all game-related activities and information.

Q4 2023 brings further expansion and innovation to Pepe's Game.

  • Additional token integrations: Expand the gameplay experience with the inclusion of additional tokens, providing more choices and opportunities.

  • Levelling system: Gain XP for every spin, level up, and unlock extra perks as you progress.

  • Range Mode: Speculate on a token's range of movement, adding depth and excitement to your trading strategies.

  • NFTs: Carefully designed in collaboration with a renown DeFi artist to bring a new dimension to the game.

These planned features and developments are the result of our commitment to continually enhancing the gaming experience in Pepe's Game, offering our valued community more opportunities for engagement and enjoyment.

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